MONEYBANKER are experts in the field of online marketing. Without education and dedication, we would not have been. We value education and believe in giving back. It is with great pleasure we can announce the 2nd annual MONEYBANKER scholarship.

We have reopened our $1000 Scholarship to Undergraduates and Postgraduates alike. This year the scholarship is not restricted to any course or level.

Creating engaging and interesting content is the most important qualities of online marketing. If you can create this, you are on the right track to starting your own online business.

If you want to apply to this scholarship, keep the above in mind, and write an article of 500-1000 words. Describe what significant similarities and differences there are between traditional and online marketing. The best submission will earn our scholarship.

"Once you complete your submission, please send an email with the article attached to:"

In the email please also include -

- Full Name

- Phone Number

- Address

- College/University Name

- Your Major

- Proof you will be attending/are already attending etc.

"The scholarship runs twice a year and has deadline dates of November 15th and March 15th. If you submit after the deadline date you will enter the following admission."

"Thank you for your time, we look forward to reading your submissions, Good Luck!


"MONEYBANKER is a comparison engine for personal loans for bad credit. We operate in Denmark (Lån penge), Norway (Forbrukslån på dagen), Finland (Lainaa heti), France (Prêt personnel) and Spain (préstamos rápidos) besides the US."