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The $61 Million Pizza: The Rise of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as an Asset Class

Fast forward to today, and it turns out that that $30 pizza was probably the most expensive meal ever consumed. As of this writing, October 12th – that $30 worth of 2010 bitcoin is now worth over $6

2017-11-03 Jason Van Steenwyk
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It’s time to embrace the new “sharing economy”

Rapidly evolving networks of consumers and vendor/providers are transforming the way we travel, commute, communicate, take lodging, eat, and a whole host of other consumer behaviors.

2017-10-27 Jason Van Steenwyk
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Credit Card Debt on the Rise for U.S. Consumers

According to information from the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the average credit card debt per household has been rising since 2013, and now stands at nearly $8,377. The total average balance per h

2017-09-25 Jason Van Steenwyk
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25 Tips for Finding the Best Mortgage

Many people dream of becoming homeowners one day. In many cases, people believe this achievement is an essential part of achieving the age-old American dream. To smooth the process out a little more,

2017-07-06 Peter Hellmuth
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Largest bankruptcies in history

Description of the 5 biggest corporate bankruptcies in history - As Robert F. Kennedy once said: “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

2017-06-07 Simon Juhl-Madsbjerg
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The Ultimate Guide To Spending Less: 117 Tips!

Here’s our ultimate guide to spending less! We have compiled a complete list of 117 money saving tips. Start saving today!

2017-05-29 Klaus Nymand
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69% Of Americans Have Less Than $1000 In Their Savings Account

Americans are broke!

2017-05-01 Klaus Nymand
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Check Your Credit Card Statement Every Single Month

Did you know that you could save money with your credit card statement? This article will tell you how to read your monthly credit card statement.

2017-02-14 Steven
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Can I Raise My Credit Score By 100 Points?

Many people want to save money by looking over their household expenses and seeing what categories can get cut or slashed.

2017-02-06 Steven
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3 Things to Consider When Seeking a Personal Loan

Often when faced with the many events life throws our way, whether it be an automobile accident or much-needed home renovation.

2017-02-06 Steven
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