Credit scores were once irrelevant numbers, but fast forward today, it's one of the most important stats affecting a person's life. It determines how much you can get that brand new car or house for, how much you can loan and at what interest rate you can borrow it for, and so on. Getting a credit score, however, can be challenging for those who have complicated finances and/or are not savvy with the whole credit rating picture. Here are four ways on how to get your credit score without going into too much technicality.

Try the Traditional Route

The most common way people have been getting their credit scores is through a line of credit offered by a bank. If you have line/s of credit for a considerable period of time now, it may be easier to secure a credit score. You can find your FICO score on your monthly account statement sheets, which can nowadays be accessed via an online bank account. The Federal government has prompted credit card issuers to offer this new feature hence over 50 million credit cardholders are now conveniently getting their FICO scores free of charge.

Use a Credit Score Company

Services now exist wherein you can request your credit score, sometimes even for free. Sites that offer free credit scores usually get paid via advertising and so the savings are passed on to the consumer. Another common business model that these credit score services use is they require the user to sign up for a monthly credit monitoring service for a small fee in order to obtain a credit score.

Sign Up as an Extension

If you do not have a credit score because of failed attempts to get approved for a credit line of your own, you can sign up as an extension of your family member's credit card. This means you basically share his/her credit line, so any purchases you make will also appear on the original cardholder's account statement and vice versa. In most cases, the credit line provided to an extension account is smaller compared to the original credit line allowed for the account. Keep in mind that not all banks offer this feature and not all credit card extensions are automatically set to produce the individual a credit score after some time of making payments.

Apply For Store Credit

Store credit cards, such as JCPenny or BestBuy, can also help you create a financial footprint that can be viewed by banks and credit bureaus when gauging your creditworthiness. Store credit cards are usually easier to secure since they have less stringent application requirements. However, note that they are similar to a bank-approved line of credit and that failure to make payments in a timely manner can affect your creditworthiness and ability to secure personal loans in the future.

Getting a credit score is only half the battle. Once you've secured a credit score, maintaining or increasing your credit score is the next prudent step to living a financially secure lifestyle.