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The Ultimate Guide To Spending Less: 117 Tips!

The Ultimate Guide To Spending Less: 117 Tips!

Here’s our ultimate guide to spending less! We have compiled a complete list of 117 money saving tips. Start saving today!

Who doesn't like to save money? We created this huge list of good ideas and advice to save money. If you still need some extra cash then check out our comparison: personal loans for bad credit.

Are you the type of person who wants to save money but isn’t about that spreadsheet life? You don’t live for crunching numbers and you don’t need an in-depth course in personal finance. This guide to money saving tips is exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

Use this guide on how to save money to pick up savings tips you like and skim over the rest. There is something in here for everyone. Remember that the smallest change can yield big results over time.

1. Use The Envelope Budgeting Method

This method works best for cash stashers. You have to have some willpower or the ability to not rob Peter to pay Paul. Work out your monthly expenses and assign an envelope for each. Deposit the correct amount of cash in each envelope each pay period to equal the amount due at month’s end.

2. Segment Your Money In Multiple Bank Accounts

These days, most of us need our income available in digital form. We pay bills online and that’s a challenge with the envelope method above.

Luckily, you can accomplish the same end by opening a second checking account. This second account is your master envelope. Put all of the correct apportioned amounts into that account each pay period.

When it’s time to pay your bills, all of the money is ready to send out from that account.

Paypal has a great prepaid debit card that you can use for this purpose if you can’t or don’t want a new bank account.

3. How To Use Prepaid Cards To Budget

In fact, prepaid debit cards can really help with budgeting! For starters, there are no overdraft fees to drain your already strained finances. If you play your budget to the razor’s edge, a prepaid card will give you some peace of mind. Use them to pay bills and shop online.

4. Why You Should Keep An Allowance In Cash

If the methods above sound like too much work, reverse engineer it! Figure out what your weekly bill figure is. Leave that amount in your bank account and take cash as your spending money.

Of course, if you prefer your spending money on a card, grab a prepaid debit and load it with your weekly allowance.

5. How To Earn More With A Side Gig

Depending on your talents, you may find a side job is a great way to budget since it creates more money to work with. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour make it relatively easy to pick up some digital side work you can do from home. You can even monetize your photos through platforms like Pixabay.

The Penny Hoarder is a great resource for learning about potential side hustles. Just be sure to research anything you find there before you jump into it.

6. Leverage Rounding In Your Budget

If you have some room in your budget after bills, try rounding all of your bills up a few dollars. If your electric bill is generally $37.50 a month, stash around $40. This will slowly pad your bill account for emergencies.

7. Remember To Pay Yourself First

When money is tight it’s so easy to scramble to pay your bills and forget to set any aside for a rainy day. Whether you invest in a retirement account or keep a meager savings, putting your own savings at the top of your bill list helps you actually save.

This tip covers matching your employer’s contributions to your retirement accounts if you can.

8. Eliminate A Luxury On A Rotating Basis To Save

Think of this tip like financial Lent. You’re going to look at your debit account and see where you spend the most money on a luxury. Hopefully, there is more than one so you can rotate your cuts. If not, you can go a week on and a week off.

Once you see where you are spending extra money, abstain from those purchases for a week. When the week is over, add that bonus back in and remove something else.

This way you never feel too depressed about skimping to save money.

9. Choose Accounts That Work For You

Bank of America’s Keep The Change program rounds up every purchase using your debit card and deposits the change in your savings account. This is a brilliant way to save if your problem is actually setting money aside.

If you can’t swing that kind of increase in your spending, look for new accounts you can open that give cash with sign up. This may be actual cash or in the form of a gift card.

Many online banks provide higher interest rates to their customers to entice them to sign up. If you are paid through direct deposit you can open a high-interest checking account at a bank like Allied Bank and earn more interest than most standard accounts.

10. Try Micro-Investing

The Stash app and others like it capitalize on the popular trend of micro-investing. Users invest as little as $5 in fractional shares. Buy as often or as rarely as you like. You can also combine this tip with skipping a luxury and invest the cash instead.

In addition to Stash, Acorns and Clink work similarly but with slightly different features.

11. Focus On Paying Off Debt

It’s often best to eliminate debt before saving. If you decide this is right for you, you can speed up the process with a little research and planning.

Learn about the fair debt collection practices in your area and advocate for yourself. Call your creditors and see if you can settle any debts for less than you owe. You must also create a schedule to pay on so you are always on time.

12. Try A Savings App

Qapital is a more robust version of the round up each transaction concept. Little by little, apps like Qapital helps you set aside money you might otherwise spend.

Another great savings app for the brave is Digit. It assesses your financial activity and transfers money it thinks you can spare into an account you open with them.

13. Use Money Saving Apps When Shopping

When it is time to buy something, from groceries to car repairs, use apps to find a great deal. The more you save on things you need, the roomier your budget feels.

Grocery store rewards cards, Target’s Cartwheel and other apps clip coupons and alert you to special deals.

14. Try A Browser Extension Like Honey

Browser extensions like Honey pop up when you browse shopping websites and let you know if there is an available coupon or lower price at another vendor.

Using tools like these are an easy way to save while you go about your regular business. You simply shop and before you check out, Honey suggests ways to save more on your intended purpose.

15. Try Traditional Couponing

Extreme couponing rose to public attention after featuring on reality TV. The shows illuminated a subculture of people who are so good at saving, the stores sometimes pay them at the end of their haul.

If you want to know more about how much you can save with coupons, check out the Krazy Coupon Lady.

16. Check Coupon Websites Before You Buy

If you shy away from programs like Honey because they monitor your web activity, you can still avail yourself of some of the same savings benefits. You just need a little DIY spirit.

Whenever you shop online, Google the word ‘coupon’ along with the name of the store you are shopping at or the name of the item you need. You will often find websites like that gather coupon codes you can use to save at checkout.

17. Change Your Transportation Method

If you live in an area with public transportation, can you save money by using it? Busses and trains are often economical to use commuting to work.

Not only can you save money by living in a one car household, but you can skimp a bit when times are tight by hopping on the bus for a few days instead of driving.

18. Have A Potluck Swap With Your Friends

Getting together with friends to share food and drink is a great way to save and have fun at the same time. You can substitute a potluck swap for a night out or incorporate it as a way to socialize on a budget.

19. Give Up Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are expensive compared to soft drinks. Can you give up alcohol cold turkey? If so, you may see significant savings. If that isn’t to your liking, reduce the amount you buy or the frequency.

20. Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes gets more expensive every day. Try cutting down or quitting and watch the savings rack up!

Your smoking cessation products could be free. Be sure to ask your pharmacist about any local or federal programs that subsidize products that help people quit smoking.

21. Shop Farm Stands and Farm Markets

It’s common to find cheaper and more beautiful produce at farm stands and markets versus the grocery store.

22. Buy In Bulk

When you do the math, buying large packages of things is often cheaper than buying them individually. This goes for staples that don’t expire like paper products and also canned goods and rice with a long shelf life.

23. Use Those Spreadsheets- If You Want To

The more invested you get in saving the more you may want to use a spreadsheet to track your results. Spreadsheets don’t have to be scary. You can watch YouTube tutorials on how to use free programs like Google Sheets and even find templates to help you budget.

24. Unplug Your Chargers And Use Less Electricity

Many chargers draw energy even when no devices are plugged into them. Make it a habit to unplug yours as soon as you are done charging. You may notice a change in your energy bill.

25. Turn Off The Lights And TV For Lower Utility Bills

The same goes for your lights and the TV. Turn them off when you aren’t using them. You may be able to reposition the furniture in your home to take more advantage of natural light. This way, you won’t need to waste money on as much artificial lighting.

26. Have A Yard Sale

If you have items taking up space in your home why not sell them to someone else? Spring and summer are great times for yard sales. Hold yours when others in your neighborhood have theirs to lure in more shoppers. You can even advertise with signs or in the local circulars.

27. Try Selling On Ebay

If a yard sale isn’t for you, use Ebay to sell your items virtually. The buyer pays shipping costs and you could really benefit it a bidding war ensues for your items. Old movies, lamps, pictures, and even shoes all find new homes on Ebay.

28. Share, Combine Or Skip Celebrations

You may be surprised by what you spend every year on gifts and celebrations. Can you and your circle of friends agree to skip or combine them? What if everyone pitches in on the costs?

29. Sign Up For Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a program that lets you earn points by answering surveys, playing games, and surfing the internet. Some conditions apply, but your points turn into gift cards you can use at many different vendors online and in person.

30. Be Patient Before You Purchase

There is a concept called the 30-day rule that asks you to wait 30 days before buying any items that aren’t essential. During this time you let the excitement of spending wear off. You can ask yourself if you really need the item at all.

31. Plan Your Purchases

The most successful savers embrace budgets, lists, planning, and spreadsheets. This helps you avoid impulse buying and also connects you to your finances. While you don’t want to get obsessed with your money and stop living life, you can learn to feel triumphant by saving or paying down debt.

32. Time Banking

Time banking is the concept of trading services. You can do this privately with people you know or use a website like Simbi that organize a barter marketplace.

If you clean houses and need dental work, search for a dentist near you who needs their home or office cleaned. This is a wonderful way to use resources like talent and time instead of money.

33. Reevaluate What You Spend On Your Children

Everyone loves giving their children the best things in life but there is no sense overdoing it. Be especially mindful of this during Christmas and birthdays. One gift and a family outing can net more fun and less dollars than buying armloads of presents.

The same goes for back to school shopping and everyday purchases. It is ok and even healthy to teach your children the value of a dollar by saying no sometimes.

34. Choose Water When You’re Thirsty

If the tap water in your area is safe, reach for it instead of juice or soda. It’s better for your health and you’ll spend a lot less.

Also keep a jug of cold water in your refrigerator to waste less water than running the tap until it’s cold.

35. Cook In Bulk

Cooking in large quantities saves energy, helps you resist the temptation to eat costly convenience foods, and reinforces your plan to save over spending. A well stocked pantry and a week’s worth of meals planned at once cuts down on last minute grocery store trips which also save.

36. Use Your Local Library Instead Of Buying

Your library is a free resource for media of all kinds. They have DVDs, audiobooks, and books of all varieties. While you’re looking for the perfect book or movie you may learn about free programs, classes, or entertainment planned in your community.

37. Shop Yard Sales To Save

Not only will holding a yard sale make you money, shopping them can help you save. Buying gently used items costs less and may meet your needs in the same way a new item will. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped the environment by reducing waste.

38. Upgrade Your Lightbulbs

Switching to Compact Florescent Or LED lights can save you money. This is especially true if you buy the upgraded bulbs on sale. These lights use less energy and will lower your monthly electricity bill.

39. Program Your Heat

Setting your heat on a schedule can also help you reduce utility bills. Consult with your energy company or do research online to find the best thermostat settings to save the most. Proper placement also helps so ask your technician about this the next time you have your heating equipment serviced.

40. Buy Quality Products That Last

Buying the cheapest item you can sometimes costs more in the long run. If a high quality clothing item will last you years, it’s a more economical purchase than a trendy top that will wear out quickly. Purchase quality items that are classic and timeless so they never go out of style.

41. Change Your Relationship With Credit Cards

Credit cards can help you save if you work the programs that give you flyer miles or cash back. If you can’t do this responsibly however, don’t beat yourself up about it. Do cut the cards up, however!

42. Read Your Grocery Store Circular Weekly

If you plan your meals around what is on sale at your grocery store you can stretch your dollar further than driving blind with a menu on the spot. With a little planning you can combine sales with coupons and maximize your savings.

43. Cook From Scratch

It is almost always cheaper to cook for yourself than ordering out. This also goes for whole foods versus prepared food. While some prepared food may seem cheaper, you have to look closer and not assume you are getting a product that is as nutritionally dense as you can make at home.

44. Keep Up With Regular Maintenance On Your Car

Don’t skip vehicle maintenance to save money because it can cost you in the long run. If you drive your car when it needs an alignment, you may wear your tires faster. This decreases your gas mileage and could mean a bigger bill later. The same goes for oil changes which you can do yourself if you want to be extra thrifty.

45. The Same Goes For Your Household Appliances

Major appliances like your refrigerator, furnace, hot water tank, and air conditioning need regular maintenance too. This is often far cheaper than costly repairs.

46. Try Resell Stores

You can save money buying used items at resell stores like the Salvation Army or privately run thrift or consignment shops. There are even apps like ThreadUp to help you shop used online. Their clothing selection is robust and their quality control is excellent. With a little searching you can score even designer clothes super cheap!

47. Time Your Seasonal Shopping

If you can, do your Christmas shopping right after the previous holiday. Most items will go on sale to clear our inventory room for the next seasonal item coming in.

This goes for candy (don’t save it all year but do buy it cheaper after holidays like Easter), seasonal decor, and even outdoor items in the warmer months.

48. Take An Off-Season Vacation

You can save seasonally by picking on odd time to go on vacation. Airfare and lodging fluctuates based on demand and off seasons book at significant discounts. Just be sure there are still activities to enjoy and that you don’t end up bored away from home.

49. Pick Your Own Fruit

Just like farm stands, farms that let you show up to pick your own apples, blueberries, and other produce may cost less. These are also wonderful family activities. Spend the day with your children or friends for next to nothing and bring home the literal fruits of your labor.

50. Switch Brands

If you notice a similar product in the grocery store is cheaper than your usual brand, give it a try! The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it. Some stores may even refund your money if you are dissatisfied with a product you try.

This goes double for generic medications and store brand products. You probably won’t even notice a difference.

51. See A Financial Planner

A financial planner will use their expertise to suggest economical moves that can save you money or help you plan for the future. Talking with someone who is knowledgeable about these things provides valuable guidance.

52. Make Efficiency A Priority

Strive for efficiency in everything you do, from choosing energy efficient appliances to picking the most direct route to work. These little changes add up over time. Even if you don’t notice a boom in your bank account, you are wasting less and that is always a positive thing.

Chances are good your economy of motion will improve your financial economy as well.

53. Airbnb

Use Airbnb to rent out your space while you’re away to recoup some of your travel costs. Many people have turned unused space in their homes into money making square footage. You can host travelers like a traditional Bed and Breakfast or let them stay in your home while you are away.

54. Uber or Lyft

Another simple way to make extra money is to become an Uber driver or sign up for Lyft. These services let you take paid fares and drive them where they need to go. You must meet each company's requirements and act professionally if you want to earn good reviews.

The best part with these services is that you can work as little or as much as you want.

55. Try Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a useful, free website and app that help you track your credit score and identify errors that may be costing you. The better your credit score, the better interest rates you receive when you borrow money or sign up for credit cards.

56. Dispute Errors On Your Credit Report

If you do find errors on your credit report, dispute them! Sometimes old debts don’t discharge like they should. Sometimes your credit score shows debts you don’t even owe. Take steps to advocate for yourself and keep your credit as pristine as possible.

57. Master Your Leftovers

Leftovers aren’t something to groan about. They’re actually like a culinary puzzle waiting for you to put them back together again. Leftover steak and potatoes becomes burritos. Use last night's pasta to make a frittata. The possibilities are endless if you get creative.

58. Keep A Staple Pantry List

Spend some time making a list of staples you need to feed yourself and keep them on hand. This way, you’ll always have something to reach for when you’re hungry and never have ‘no food in the house’. When you know what you need it’s also easier to take advantage of sales.

59. Pack Lunch

Stop spending money on lunches outside of the house! It’s much cheaper to bring leftovers or make a sandwich to bring with you. Use this tip at work and for family outings.

60. Shop With Cash Back Without Using Credit Cards

Try programs like Ebates that help you earn cash back without using credit cards. Many vendors also have reward programs where you earn points toward future purchases. Choose these vendors to shop with so you are getting a bonus accrual.

61. Shop Around For Utilities

Don’t accept the status quo on your utilities from electric to cable. Call your current companies and ask for the best promotions. You should also shop around and price compare to see if you could save more by switching.

62. Find Grants

Depending on where you live, there may be grant money available to help you upgrade your home for energy efficiency. Speak with your contractor or current energy company about this for guidance and avail yourself of all the help you can. When the work is done your energy bills will be lower.

63. Shop Refurbished

When you need to buy a tech device or appliance, look for refurbished options. Make sure the products come with a warranty so you are protected if they fail.

64. Learn To Love Scratch And Dent

For appliances like washing machines and dryers, a few dents don’t make much difference in performance but may save you a lot off the sticker price. Ask about these when you shop and see if the flaws are something you can live with.

65. Buy Floor Models

Stores offer deep discounts on items that have been used on the sales floor for display. They receive light use and are usually as good as new. This is especially helpful with tech devices.

66. Ask For Lower Interest Rates

You can’t get a lower interest rate unless you ask. Call lenders you’ve done business with for a long time and ask them if they can lower your interest rate. Many will cut you a deal. If not, look for more attractive options and consider transferring your debt.

67. Cook Smarter

With a little planning you can feed a lot of people on a small budget. Look up low cost recipes and factor them into your meal planning routine. Giving up meat for one meal a day and basing meals around rice, beans and pasta are easy ways to save without sacrificing nutrition.

68. Try Roku And Ditch Cable

Roku turns most TVs into Smart TVs so you can seamlessly stream YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and more. Use this device to cut the expensive cable cord to save as much as $100 a month!

69. Delay Upgrades

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Don’t replace it either. Try to avoid chasing the next best thing unless it will truly improve your life. When something breaks, buy a high quality replacement so it lasts you long enough to get the most out of your money.

70. Use A Subscription Service To Try Before You Buy

When it comes to things like beauty products, trying out new things can get expensive. Just because a cream or serum works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Companies like Birchbox let you pay $10.00 a month to receive samples of the hottest beauty products so you can try on a budget before you buy.

71. Skip The Gym And Exercise Yourself

Walk to run your errands and take the stairs at work. Factoring excercise into your daily life will get you the gains you seek without the pricey monthly gym fees.

72. Get An FSA

FSAs are accounts that you pay into for use on over the counter medication and uncovered medical costs. The funds you deposit are tax exempt making this a great way to pay yourself first.

73. Put Air In Your Tires

Keeping your tires topped up on air will earn you better gas mileage. Air is often free or very low cost at gas stations.

74. Downgrade Some Luxuries

Try downgrading some luxuries instead of eliminating them. This is a gentler way to make room in your budget. Lower your cable package, choose only one streaming service instead of several, or decrease your internet speed to keep more of your hard earned dollars.

75. Use YouTube Tutorials For Minor Repairs

You can do some of your home maintenance yourself and tutorials are a great help! Don’t try anything that seems over your head, however, or you could make a more costly repair bill in the long run.

76. Dilute Juice With Water To Stretch It

This tip isn’t as sad as it sounds! Try adding a dribble of water to your juice and you won’t even notice the difference. Children often even benefit from the lower sugar and calories in the diluted drink.

77. Dilute Cleaning Products Too

You can also add water to many cleaning products to stretch them. Evaluate how they perform after you do this and make adjustments as needed.

78. Try Cleaning With Peroxide And Vinegar

Another cheap and effective way to clean is using peroxide or vinegar. Mix either with some water in a spray bottle and clean around the sink, the fridge, the bathroom, and surfaces in your home. They disinfect and clean like champs!

79. Clean Laundry In Dish Soap

Believe it or not, you can wash your laundry in dish soap! It is just as effective and very cheap in comparison.

80. Join A Credit Union

Joining a credit union yields many benefits from lower banking fees to more generous loan terms. Plan a meeting with your local CU and see if they have anything to offer you that works better for you than your current bank.

81. Take On A Roommate

If you want to slash costs at home consider a roommate! This can be tricky but it is not impossible. It works best if you have a large home or space that is separate so you both aren’t always under foot.

82. Choose Slower Shipping

When you buy online, choose a slower shipping option and watch the savings rack up! It’s true that you’ll have to wait longer for your purchase to arrive but if you don’t need it in a hurry it’s worth it.

83. Buy Used Technology

Ask yourself if you truly need the latest tech gadget and consider upgrading to an older used model instead. Ebay and Amazon are two good places to look but also ask your friends and family if they have an older device they aren’t using.

84. Carpool

Carpooling can dramatically cut your transportation costs without subjecting you to public transit. Organize a group at your job that live close to each other and meet up each morning to commute together.

85. Use Rags Instead Of Paper Towels

Ditch wet wipes and paper towels when cleaning and opt for rags instead. You’ll create less waste and have fewer things to buy at the store.

86. Use Grocery Bags For Trash Bags

Stop buying garbage bags. Unless you have a large family this is a waste of precious money. Use your plastic grocery store bags in your trash bin for free.

87. Bring A Reusable Shopping Bag

Speaking of shopping bags, some stores give discounts on your overall purchase if you bring your own bags. This might not be major savings but why throw your money away when you don’t have to?

88. Join A Wholesale Club

Wholesale clubs charge a membership fee annually but offer significant discounts on purchases. This can really work for you if you shop together with friends and buy in bulk from the wholesale store.

89. Borrow Your Friend’s Magazines Or Split Subscriptions

Save money on media by borrowing your friends’ magazines after they’ve read them. If you feel like that’s moochy, split the subscription cost with them!

90. Avoid Dry Cleaning Bills

Choose clothing that doesn’t require dry cleaning to eliminate that costly bill entirely as well as the gas you waste dropping off and picking up your clothes.

91. Run Your Dishwasher

Most modern dishwashers are more energy and water efficient than hand washing your dishes. Give yourself a break and load up the washer!

92. Shower Every Other Day

Showering every single day is harsh on your skin and uses lots of water. Try sponge bathing every other day and shower less. You’ll see savings on your water bill.

93. Buy Instead of Rent

Owning your own home is an investment that gains value over time. It’s a better use of your money than wasting it on rent. If you have the credit score to get a great loan, consider taking the step toward homeownership.

94. Avoid Check Cashing Businesses

Skip the check cashing place and avoid the fees they charge to deliver your own money to you. Many banks will cash checks for free if they come from an account there. Ask around or open a bank account yourself and deposit your money.

95. Consolidate Loans

Consolidating your loans means lower interest rates and fewer scattered monthly payments. Talk to your bank to see what’s available to simplify your debt portfolio.

96. Make Your Own Coffee

Some people spend an incredible amount on coffee! If you’re one of them, make your own for far less at home. Set up your coffee maker to turn on automatically so you don’t have to struggle with your brew in the morning.

97. Ride Your Bike To Save Gas

Another alternate transportation idea is to take your bike! It costs nothing and gets major exercise into your routine.

98. Pack Snacks To Avoid Buying Food Impulsively

In addition to packing meals when you’re on the go, keep snacks on hand. This gives you something to reach for that already fits into your budget. You’ll find you stop for fast food less.

99. Take A Camping Vacation And Avoid Hotels

Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and costs much less than other vacations. Get a group or your family together and spend some time under the big sky!

100. Make Homemade Gifts

Gifts are truly a token of your care and appreciation for your loved ones. Make your own if you can. From cut flowers to baking, you surely have a talent your friends enjoy.

101. Stretch Your Coffee Creamer With Milk

If you can’t kick the expensive flavored creamers, try stretching them with milk or plant based milk. You’ll get more use for less without having to give up one of your favorite luxuries.

102. Freeze Food Before It Spoils

Instead of letting food waste away in your fridge, toss it into the freezer before it expires. You can freeze a wide variety of foods including fruits and vegetables. Toss them into a smoothie or thaw out and use in a recipe when you’re ready.

103. Share

Whenever you are going somewhere or buying something, stop and think about sharing. Including your friends in on your plans could make the bottom line less for everyone and you’ll enjoy each other’s company along the way.

104. Search For Free Versions of Software You Need

Open source software covers a variety of needs for little to no cost at all. There are word processing and office suite programs like Open Office and programs like GIMP that work like Photoshop.

105. Take Advantage Of Referral Programs

Some retailers and vendors offer rewards through referral programs. Take advantage of these if you love the product. Tell your friends about it and earn credit toward your bill or future purchases.

106. Shop At The End Of Sales And Vendor Events

This tip works for sales and fares or public markets. If you arrive just before the end of the event or sale, you’ll score deep discounts from vendors who would rather sell their wares than pack them up and go home.

107. Find Free Local Entertainment

Check local bulletin boards and online event calendars to find fun things to do near you that don’t cost a thing. Your LIbrary is a great resource on what the city and local businesses have planned.

108. Watch For Dinner Specials

When it's time to splurge on dinner out, take advantage of two for one deals on appetizers and entrees to lower your overall cost. Split the meal with a friend for even more savings.

109. Groupon, Seize The Deal, And Entertainment Coupon Books

You can pay less for services you need by checking out Groupon, Seize The Deal, and entertainment coupon books. Using these services allows you to get more for less.

110. Buy Advance Sale Tickets

If you know you want to attend a concert or event don’t wait until the last minute to buy your tickets. The get more expensive as time passes so hop on advance sales to go for less.

111. Leverage Customer Rewards

Some companies like Fresh Step have their own rewards program. You clip points or markers off their packaging and save them up to send away for items. If you’re buying the things anyway take advantage of these deals to earn rewards.

112. Buy Yearly Subscriptions vs Monthly Ones

When you can, buy yearly subscriptions instead of monthly ones. There is a net discount offered because this is more attractive to the vendor. It is a bigger cost initially but works out to less annually.

113. Ask Your Bank And Credit Card To Waive Your Fees

Did you know many credit cards and even your bank have policies about fee forgiveness? If you overdraft or are late ask for forgiveness. You might be surprised at what you get if you just advocate for yourself.

114. Use Solar Energy

It’s becoming easier than ever to harness the sun’s free energy to power things in your home. You can even use energy grants to subsidize your cost to get started.

115. Wait For New Releases On Video

Will it really kill you to wait to see that new movie until it hits video? You’ll save a ton of money if you can. Pop your own popcorn and settle in with something out of the RedBox for as little as a dollar.

116. Fill Up A Growler

Craft beer fans already know this trick. Breweries and beer stores have taps full of delicious beer at a deep discount. You buy a container and fill it up for far less than it costs to buy bottles and cans. The brew will lose carbonation over time, so this is ideal for parties and gatherings with lots of people so you move through your supply quickly.

117. Look For Package Deals

Package deals come in the strangest places so be opening minded in your planning to consider these options. Vacations are an obvious package service but some bus companies also offer free rides if you buy a weekly or monthly pass.

Are you inspired to save yet? Surely there are several tips here you can use to spend less and save more! Make it a game for yourself and see how successful you can be. Good luck!

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